The Homes for Ukraine Scheme is complex, and while we are working to match Ukrainians with host families here in the UK, we are prioritising the safety and security of hosts and guests alike, as well as compatibility and other factors.

If you are selected as a potential match for a displaced Ukrainian, you should be aware that the process from matching till the actual placement can take some time. In order to make the process as safe and comfortable as possible for hosts and guests, there are security checks such as a DBS check, property check and reference check that need to be carried out.

Watch the following video for further information: SJOG Homes for Ukraine Timeline

Responsibilities for sponsors

Welcoming a guest into your home is a big commitment that needs careful consideration. You need to think about how you might adapt how you live or behave at home to make sure that guests are welcomed and respected. We have put together some useful guides which you can download for free:

Welcome book for sponsors – pdf

Welcome book for guests – pdf

Webinar 1 – pdf

Webinar 2 – pdf

Training and guidance will be provided by SJOG and CSAN once the match is made and confirmed. This will involve you meeting with fellow hosts and we will provide webinars and resources for you to refer to. You should be committed to engaging with these so that you can get the most out of the sponsorship scheme.

Thank you payments

You must be certain that you are in a secure position to offer a stable home to someone who needs it. You have the option to receive a monthly payment of £350 (tax free) for up to 12 months, paid in arrears, for as long as you are hosting your guests and provided that the accommodation provided is of a suitable standard.

After 12 months of hosting, this amount increases to £500. In Wales, sponsors will receive £500 regardless of the hosting period. You will be eligible for the first monthly payment once the local council has visited to check the standard of the accommodation.

There can only be one payment per residential address and in England it will be administered through your council.

For sponsors who receive welfare payments, the government is ensuring thank you payments do not affect your benefit entitlement. Thank you payments will not affect any council tax discounts for single occupancy.

If your guest(s) moves out of your home for any reason, you must inform your local council straight away to let them know that you are no longer eligible for the monthly payments.

Interim payment for guests

If your guests are old enough to work, they will be able to apply to receive Universal Credit and will be able to apply for advance payments, where eligible. Guests who are of pensionable age will have access to Pension Credit and Housing Benefit, provided they meet eligibility criteria.

Guests are eligible for an interim payment of £200 per guest for subsistence costs. This will be administered by the local council where the sponsor accommodation is located. The £200 payment does not need to be repaid by the guest. Local councils will also have discretion to top- up or further support guests with interim or additional payments.

How does Homes for Ukraine work for sponsors? How does Homes for Ukraine work for sponsors?

Useful links:

The UK Government’s sponsor guidance has comprehensive information about all aspects of sponsorship:

Homes for Ukraine: sponsor guidance - GOV.UK (

FAQs directly on

Homes for Ukraine scheme: frequently asked questions - GOV.UK (

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