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Being a guest in the home of someone you do not know creates a lot of uncertainty. We are providing training to sponsors, but it is not possible to remove all risks or prevent things happening once you have started the placement. You must think carefully before proceeding with a match and if you have any concerns, or something does not feel right, please tell us and we can look to find other options.

Our programme aims to create successful placements and a network of support in the local community which will help you settle in. It is important to remember that you have rights and you are autonomous in your choices. Talk to your host about how you would like to settle in during your first few days including when you would like some quiet time so that expectations can be managed. We will help you with these conversations.

If you have any concerns during your placement you should speak with your local authority. We really hope this won’t be the case and will touch base with you and your host over the first month of placement.

Who is eligible to apply?

You and your immediate family can apply if you were Ukrainian nationals and official residents of Ukraine prior to 1 January 2022.

Ukraine nationals with an international biometric passport can apply online and will receive the visa offer by email. You do not need to visit the visa office. Those with local passports (ID card) or older passports must make an appointment online to visit the visa office after submitting their visa application.

Length of stay in the UK under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme

You will be able to stay for at least three years. Initially, you will receive permission to stay for 6 months, and this will then be extended for three years. It is currently unclear what will happen after the three years.

You can check what you need to do before you travel to the UK and what to do after you arrive:

Finding employment in the UK

Once you have arrived at your new address, you will be able to work after issuing Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) and National Insurance Number (NIN) and will also have access to jobs support, including translation help. You will also have access to financial support immediately, such as ‘Universal Credit’, while you are seeking employment or caring for family. You will require a British bank account and National Insurance Number (NIN) (your work coach from Job Center or your sponsor can help with this) to receive this.

This is a quick guide to services you may need in your first week in the UK:

What are the conditions for staying in someone else’s home under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme?

Hosting is when someone offers a private room and access to shared facilities in their own home or separate property, free of charge. As well as providing a safe, temporary home, hosting is designed to give vital stability that will enable you to access the support you need to move forward with your life.

You will not be charged rent for staying in your host’s home or their other property under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

If your host asks you to pay rent for staying in their property, you should contact the local council and inform them of this as soon as possible.

Applying for a visa

You will need to apply for a visa to come to the UK, and you will need to do this online. Your sponsor might help you with the application, or you may choose to do this yourself. More information can be found on the UK Government’s website: for-a-visa-under-the-ukraine-sponsorship-scheme

The visa application will require information about you and any others who are sponsored with you, and about the sponsor, so you will need to share information with one another. You should make sure you are happy to share these details, and pass on any details securely, e.g. via email or WhatsApp.

We are unable to give advice for visa applications. If you need assistance, you can contact

Transport to the UK

There are many free or discounted options for Ukrainians to travel to the UK. More information about these options is available in the “Sponsors' book” and “Welcome Book” for Ukrainian guests we provide as a part of our programme.

Welcome guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK

How does Homes for Ukraine work for Ukrainian guests? How does Homes for Ukraine work for Ukrainian guests?
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