Homes for Ukraine

Homes for people displaced by the war in Ukraine

SJOG Homes for Ukraine programme will be closing at the end of July 2024. We are extending the application deadline for sponsors to 30th June to ensure that we can fully support you through the application process.

Homes for Ukraine: SJOG and Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) are part of the Community Sponsorship movement in the UK offering a matching, training and support service to sponsors and guests under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

Together we are working to enable the many generous people willing to open up their homes as sponsors and match them with people displaced by the war in Ukraine. We aim to support people on their journey and provide opportunities to integrate into our community in the UK.

If you would like to be considered as a sponsor, or be sponsored, please use the links below to register your interest. We will work as quickly as possible to contact every applicant and to start the matching process.

Watch our video for further information: SJOG Homes for Ukraine: Call for help

I would like to be a sponsor

If you would like to host an individual or family from Ukraine for 6 months under the Homes for Ukraine scheme you can register your interest here. You will be asked to complete a short eligibility form. If eligible, we will ask for more information about you and where you live.

Click here to register your interest

I need a rematch / rented accommodation

We are able to support displaced individuals from Ukraine who are already located in the UK and are looking for a rematch or people looking to find private rented accommodation. Please consider registering below.

Click here to register your interest
How the Homes for Ukraine scheme works for sponsors of people displaced by the war in Ukraine How the Homes for Ukraine scheme works for sponsors of people displaced by the war in Ukraine

As an official provider of the Government programme, SJOG Homes for Ukraine provides:

  1. Expertise, knowledge, and experience: we have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to help you navigate the process, support you at every stage, and answer any questions you might have.
  2. Informational resources: we provide you and your guests with informational resources, such as a welcome book that contains detailed instructions and useful relevant information. We provide your guests with instructions on life in the UK and give tips on paperwork, making it less work for you.
  3. Training: we provide training and cultural orientation webinars for hosts, which will help you understand the process of hosting, the steps your guests will need to undertake before and after their arrival in the UK, the checks by the local authorities you will need to undergo, as well as understand the cultural differences that will help you manage your expectations as you prepare for hosting.
  4. Mediation and risk management: we help mediate meetings and navigate potential risks for you and your guests, ensuring that your personal data is safe when sharing personal details.
  5. Flights: we will pay for your guests’ flights from the Ukrainian border to the airport nearest to your home. This helps your guests save on expenses and reduce the administrative burden on you and your guests.
  6. Belonging boxes: upon arrival, your guests will receive a welcome box from us that contains some essentials and useful sundries to make them feel welcome in the UK and help save on initial expenses.
  7. Support during placement: we provide intensive support during the first month of placement and further support if needed throughout the placement. We can also help mediate conflict or direct you or your guests to the relevant services if needed.

Click here to watch video on what SJOG Homes for Ukraine project provides.

* When you complete the forms we will work hard to find a match but sometimes this isn’t possible. We will keep you updated to so you are fully informed. For any other enquiries, please contact us at

Role and Responsibilities of SJOG and CSAN

Our Homes for Ukraine project is a partnership between SJOG and the Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN). The project creates a matching pathway to support those who are displaced by the Ukraine war to find homes in the UK.

CSAN leads on communications and reach within the Catholic community in England and Wales and through Caritas agencies across Europe. SJOG are responsible for receiving and processing the information provided by potential sponsors and displaced Ukrainians.

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We have created a range of materials for sponsors and guests:

Welcome book for sponsors – pdf

Welcome book for guests – pdf

Webinar 1 – pdf

Webinar 2 – pdf

Our youtube channel
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